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Four-Link Pro

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Speed-Wiz Four-Link Pro has all the four-link suspension calculations you need to build and set up four-link suspensions for cars and trucks. It's easy to enter your four-link suspension details. Any number of holes can be specified for each end of each link. Then it's just one touch to switch from one to another and immediately visualize the suspension geometry. The car profile view shows the suspension link positions as the car travels up and down and dives and squats. You simply drag the car around to view your four-link suspension geometry changes.Four-link suspension calculations:- 4-Link simulation- 4-Link hole definition
Four-link suspension graphing:- 4-link centers: graph X and Y positions of instant centers for all combinations of holes- 4-link holes: illustrates X and Y positions of all holes- 4-link travel: shows instant center X and Y location curves for over suspension travel- 4-link rake: shows X and Y location of instant center over squat and dive changes
Easy and fun to use with sliding menus and swipe viewsMakes setting up your 4-link suspension a pleasureAutomatic, instantaneous simulations and graphsAccurate, reliable, and proven algorithmsUnlimited vehicle data and configuration filesContext-based online helpMetric and English inputs and outputs with automatic conversionNo advertising
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